Happy birthday to me!
I like to go boat camping with friends as early in spring as is comfortable, and before Memorial Day at all costs. This year that proved to be Easter weekend. We floated for three days down the John Day River, starting at Service Creek and ending at Clarno. It’s a trip I’ve taken 4 times now, but I don’t think I will ever tire of the desert in spring.
This year I turned 35 on Easter. I don’t fancy my self superstitious, and I am certainly not religious, but I don’t mind picking up a little cultural tailwind while trying to craft my own meaning. So I took this as the best time to quit my job of these last 12 years. I’ll be working full time now to prepare my boat for a long trip of unknown duration and destination. Kristin and I plan to head north to Vancouver Island, and spend the summer exploring that area.  Then we will need to find a place to live and work before the weather turns vindictive. Wish us luck!